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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tasty Peppers

I am into preserving food naturally and I decided to have a go, with some fabulous colourful peppers. I use a lot of peppers in my cooking so I thought this would be handy, and the jars of peppers in the shops can be very expensive! Below they are ready to go under the grill to be charred!
you need to keep an eye on them as at the end they char quickly!
The charring cooks them and makes the skin easy to remove, a good tip is that they really need to be charred well or the skin does not come  off!My hands are always wrecked from things I am doing but it might be an idea to wear gloves as my fingers ended up slightly orange!
I popped them into sterilised kilner jars with some sliced garlic and added the olive oil and vinegar mixture to cover.
All sealed and stored away for a rainy day! It was great fun to do and I am sure they will taste good too. 

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