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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Change of mood!

I have decided to change the mood of this blog and so from now on its just going to be whatever I am working on at the time! This week I bought loads of these succulents, and decided to pot them up in different containers.
I love these funny little plants although I have been warned they are hard to grow! When I got them they were in very dry compost, so I watered them from underneath.

This was a little container that I got originally to grow window sill herbs in, however now its on my kitchen table with these boys in it!
All these containers have drainage holes on the bottom, and I intend to water them sparingly and from the bottom. They can absorb water from the air so therefore watering is not as important. I read somewhere that watering from the top causes them to rot! I finished them off with these lovely silver stones! 
The pots are now all over my house and my daughter got a pot as well! 
I hope you like the new mood of my blog, I look forward to hearing some comments!