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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pollen levels!

Pollen levels have been quite high recently so as pollen affects me I just stay in doors. The up side is I had fun making this wrap using wool and silk from treetops in Australia. I had a bit of clear out of my cupboards and it put me in the mood to make another wrap or shawl, although I haven't decided my colour scheme just yet!
I have quite a lot of this lovely wool from treetops, which I had forgotten about, or was it I just didn't remember how much of it I had! ssh! dont let on!!
In reality this silk is much darker so I might try something with it this week!
I found this fabulous skein of silk fibres from Oliver Twist so I think it will have to be included somewhere! May be tidying and clearing out isn't so bad when you find treasures like these!
This is a close up of the top photo, don't those colours just make you want to be creative and make something!
Next post will be what I made!! 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Baby Girl!

A friend has had a baby girl, so I decided to make her a cosy quilt! I chose this lovely fabric from Lewis and Irene, I do love their fresh contemporary designs!
I used one of their free patterns but just made it smaller, more in keeping for a small child! I cut the squares 5.5 inches square!
I made a panel for the back as I like both sides to be interesting.
I enjoyed arranging the fabric in a pattern and sewing them together.
Here is the finished cosy quilt!
This is the reverse side! What fun Im away to plan my next project!