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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Cranberry Chutney!

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2016 has flown in, and it seems no time since I was making my 2015 door ring! Above is a photo of this years door ring. It is filled with spruce , eucalyptus, pistachio, eryngium, hypericum and cones. No sparkle this year and no bow, which is a pleasant change! 
Our family loves Christmas, getting everyone together and sitting together playing games or watching a good movie, sadly as they children have grown we dont always have everyone home, and this year is one of those times.
I have taken a real notion for making chutneys so I thought I would try a recipe for Cranberry chutney.

After getting all the ingredients together, I set to work.

 I tried really hard this time to chop the pieces smaller as I thought the end result would be better! The smell was amazing as it cooked on the hob, and it didnt take as long as some of them to be cooked well enough.

I poured the warm liquid into the sterilised jars and screwed on the tops, not completely tight, then I popped them all into the rack in the canning pot! I thought this photo was good as it made it all look very professional, even though at the time I was terrified as I had never used this before! It brought back vague memories of a pressure cooker exploding in an HE class at school a very long time ago!! ( It wasnt my pressure cooker by the way!)
However my anxiety was unfounded and all went according to plan, no explosions or drama I am delighted to say!!

 If you are making chutney I would advise you to label and date your chutney, nothing worse than opening a jar and it not being what you expected!! So this will be ready to eat in time for Christmas, even though one person in this house would like to try it now!