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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Drying roses

Hello! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted! I do have a couple of good excuses!! I became a Granny, my daughter had a baby and my son got married so it has been a very busy but fun time! Both events went well and I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and am really enjoying being a granny!
I thought I would share with you how to dry rose petals as I dried some for confetti for my son's wedding.
Above are some  beautiful cool water roses that I had in the house, so gently pull the petals from the head, separating from the stem.

I then placed them onto a piece of kitchen roll and put into the airing cupboard or dark dry cupboard! I don't usually leave them intact like this, this was purely for a lovely pic!!
The tray on the left are the dried ones, whereas on the right are some I popped into the airing cupboard today! They will be dry in about a week it depends on the heat.
I hope you are all enjoying this spring it seems to be a spring filled with blossom, I hope that is a good sign!
                   Confetti action shot of bride and groom complete with dog!!