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Friday, 7 July 2017

Zipped up!

I am sure those of you who go on pinterest have seen these lovely little zipped purses! I decided to have a go and I try and make two at once that way its easier to iron out any little problems that may occur!
They have one outer zip and then inside they have three zipped compartments! In this one I used a different coloured zip for each one, my thinking behind this was it might help to aid the memory of what was where? but now I am not so sure, although it does look fun.
I love this fabric I think its may be Irene and Lewis but I bought it a few months back in Edinburgh at The Knitting and Stitch show, which I thought was a great show! 
So if you would like a challenge and don't mind fiddly things, have a go! I think its well worth it when its finished!
Have fun!

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